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Every 3-5 years, tennis courts benefit from a complete court cleanse, where we remove the sand from the surface, clean both the sand and the carpet and add the sand back, topping up with more sand if necessary.

Tennis courts are typically sand filled or macadam.

Macadam surfaces require very little maintenance but do benefit from a power wash every now and again to remove and dirt residue or mass deposits.

This would be an ideal time to have any faded lines re-painted to give the court a new life.

Sand filled courts can suffer from a few issues, the main one being compaction along the base lines. If the surface becomes compacted it can cause the user to slip on the surface which is unsafe.This is something we can address with our specialist equipment to lift the pile and ensure the correct sand levels are present.

Appropriate footwear should always be worn. Tennis shoes with a knobbly sole are recommended.

We also offer a court care maintenance and repair package to keep the court to good playing standard for all year round training. This can be provided on monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis depending on how much time is spent on the courts.

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