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Protech Allweather regularly maintain hockey pitches to Hockey Federation standards. 

Hockey pitches are commonly sand-dressed or water based.

Sand dressed pitches

These pitches have a shorter, denser pile height with a lesser amount of sand that provides the players with the right amount of speed on the ball.

These are maintained in the same way as sand filled football or MUGA pitches and require regular programmes devised in consultation with the client.

These surfaces also benefit from periodic Pitch Cleanses to improve their life span. This is usually done every 3-5 years depending on the frequency of use.

Water based hockey pitches

Many hockey pitches are water based and require a slightly different maintenance regime to that of a sand dressed pitch.

Over time, any synthetic pitch that is not maintained will gradually collect dirt and debris, whether this is from the pitches location and its general use, dirt from users footwear, gradual degradation of leaf matter, broken pile fibres and wild animal soiling. Water based pitches are often subject to increased formation of algae which can become slippy and cause loss of grip. Dirt will gradually migrate deeper into the pile and it is therefore important a proactive approach to maintenance is adopted.

Other problems that can arise on a water based pitch are: split seams due to frost expansion, and a build up of limescale if not regularly maintained. Both of these issues can be addressed with our Repair service or Pitch Cleanse service.

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