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Synthetic cricket wickets may only have a relatively small piece of artificial turf, but it will periodically need attention.

When installed, a cricket wicket will often be positioned alongside natural grass. The natural grass will, over a period of time, grow over the edges of the artificial grass and needs to be removed to prevent damage to the surface. Seeds from plants and grass can also sometimes set in the surface and need to be removed to prevent damage to the wicket.

Our technicians will remove any flora and fauna from the surface and clean away any mud left remaining. We will power wash the entire wicket the remove any mud and debris that has worked it's way into the pile.

The wicket is lifted, and the base is re-addressed to ensure an even playing surface. The wicket is replaced and stretched into place to provide a flat level and ensure good ball bounce.

We recommend that the cricket wicket is cleaned every 3-5 years to keep the surface in good playing condition.

Protech AllWeather Ltd also install new cricket wickets. See the following news article for the installation carried out at The Kings School.

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