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We have developed a complete track cleaning and maintenance programme called ‘The Track Pro’.

The Track Pro system tackles all problems that can arise with athletics tracks giving you a totally refurbished track. Protech AllWeather’s highly skilled technicians will transform a dull complex back into a high quality, fully operational athletics track complex with minimum disruption.

The Track Pro system penetrates the deepest of dirt that lies in the porous texture of the track. The track and any adjoining areas such as long jump runs, throwing circles or high jump areas, are firstly power-washed to lift ingrained dirt form the surface.

Then the specialist track cleaning machinery gently brushes the surface and vacuums away any dirt and grime that has been lifted from the area. Using our specialist machinery we are able to cleanse your track back to life.

The process involves:

  • A Full refurbishment of the athletics track including ; all run offs, long jumps, high jump etc.
  • Drainage channels cleared
  • Equipment cleansed including; hurdles, steeple chase pits etc
  • An annual maintenance package is also available

We can also have any faded lines re-marked to ensure your athletics centre is fully refurbished and help you provide a top-class facility and maximise revenue.

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