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When pitches are played on frequently they can sometimes be subjected to damage. Areas such as penalty spots, corners, goal mouths and base lines will often be the areas with most wear.

Seams and lines can often lift and need to be repaired swiftly to prevent further damage occurring as dirt and debris works its way under the surface, also to prevent increased costs to the facility and ensure that any potential tripping hazards are eliminated.  

If water gets under the surface it can cause it to lift. During cold weather water may freeze and split seams open. This in turn can cause a trip hazard which will need quick action.

Surfaces may be subjected to vandalism, for example burns and cuts. These can be rectified and we are always happy to provide quotations for works for insurance purposes.

Examples of damage include:

  • Missing penalty spots
  • Torn carpet
  • Dents and tears from goal weights being dropped
  • Burn marks
  • Tears from incorrect footwear (ie football studs instead of synthetic surface boots)
  • Split/lifted seams and lines
  • Old/worn out carpet

Protech AllWeather provide a 24hour call out service for repairs to ensure you suffer no loss of revenue due to pitch closure for health and safety. This is available nationwide.

Sports equipment can also be subject to damage. Protech AllWeather Ltd are able to either repair or replace any worn or damaged equipment you may have. This can include torn nets, missing anchors, broken posts etc.

See the case study for an example of a repairs to seams and penalty spots.

Our other services include:

Our services also cover a wide range of sports including:

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