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Pitch, Field & Court Care Package

The artificial pitch care package has been designed to provide regular maintenance to your rubber/sand filled synthetic surface.

Over time, any synthetic grass or turf pitch that is not maintained will gradually collect dirt and debris , whether this is from the pitches location and its general use, dirt from users footwear, gradual degradation of leaf matter, broken pile fibres and wild animal soiling. This dirt will gradually migrate deeper into the pile and it is therefore important a proactive approach to maintenance is adopted.

Although regular drag brushing keeps the infill loose and the pile upright, it can encourage the dirt to settle deeper and NOT be removed. A surface that is not evenly drag brushed will eventually harden  causing compaction and become uncomfortable to play on.  This can expose the fibres and may eventually cause them to break off. Poor drainage will result in excessive moisture and eventually moss, algae and other flora will take hold of the synthetic surface.

Pitch Care packages are provided at regular intervals to suit the client and will take into consideration the hours of usage, location and available budget. They can, for example, be quarterly, monthly or fortnightly.

The Pitch Care Package will include the following:

  • Power Sweep on every visit to remove all surface debris, flora and fauna.

On rubber filled surfaces, this process involves the use of our own TG3 grooming machine developed by us and our manufacturer to provide the best possible result on your surface.

On sand filled surfaces a soft cylindrical brush lifts the sand and pile and returns the clean sand to the surface. The surface is then drag brushed.

  • 2 Chemical treatments a year to the playing surface to prevent or remove moss. All operatives are fully trained in the use of chemicals in accordance with Health and safety guidelines.
  • All perimeters cleared of debris and excess rubber /sand removed from site.
  • Annual report to the client to inform of condition of facility.

The Power Sweep will take approximately half a day to complete on a full sized pitch.

A Pitch Cleanse is also recommended every 3-5 years to give your pitch a deep clean.


Macadam Surface Management

Macadam surfaces will also require some maintenance and can benefit from a maintenance package to suit your requirements although this can be achieved in house, for example leaf clearing, litter collection or general sweeping. Macadam surfaces can also benefit from a power wash every 3-5 years to remove more ingrained dirt.

Water Based Hockey Pitches

Water based pitches require specialist cleaning and a method of this can be seen on the case study ‘Polo Farm’.

Some of our other services include:

Our services also cover a wide range of sports including:

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