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How and when a pitch is maintained will play a major factor into the life of the surface. Poor maintenance can lead to high contamination and poor drainage. The signs of poor drainage include flooding and build up of silt occurring on the surface once drained. It is at this stage that the Pitch Restoration Package will be the only solution.

The process will remove approx. 10-15mm of the contaminated sand/rubber. This will ensure a clean pile of the surface. Once cleared, the surface will then be replenished with the new specialist materials, giving it a new look.

Once cleaned and restored to a good playing surface, a suitable maintenance package should be implemented. This can give the pitch an additional life span of 5 years and can save you considerate costs before considering a new surface.

Infill Top Up

Over a period you may notice that the infill levels of your synthetic surface can become depleted and will require a top-up. We will examine the level of top-up required for your surface and apply accordingly. This is more often than not done in conjunction with a Pitch Cleanse, giving the surface a better level of play and helping to reduce injury.

Pitch/Court Cleaning - Rubber/Sand Filled

The sports pitch cleaning package is designed to give artificial surfaces a ‘Deep Clean’. It is commonly executed on surfaces that are usually over 3 years old and suffering from either surface silt or poor drainage. The process will also remove compaction that has occurred over the lifespan of the surface and will greatly improve the future drainage.

Regular drag brushing will help keep the surface in good condition and should be implemented alongside regular maintenance.

With time the surface will become contaminated. This is when a full Pitch Cleanse is necessary.

The full Pitch Cleanse will involve the following and requires a dry surface:

  • Our specialist machinery lifts the rubber/sand from the surface using rotary brushes set to the desired depth of the fibres in question.
  • The rubber /sand passes through the machine into a vacuum separating the contaminated rubber/sand and collecting the dirt in the filter box.
  • The rubber/sand is then power brushed back into the pile to the correct playing height.
  • The facility is left clean and restored to a greater playing potential.

Our services include:

Our services also cover a wide range of sports including:

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