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Are you ready for some summer fun?

Tuesday 18th August 2015

While for parents, the long summer break from school can be challenging in terms of childcare, for kids it is a great opportunity to leave the structure and routine of term time behind and spend time playing and being carefree.

We have had a trip down memory lane to come up with our list of the best things to do over the school holidays...

Spend time together...

The demands of modern life can make spending time together difficult, so the annual family holiday can be a great time to reconnect, sure, there will probably be arguments but looking back there will be plenty of highs too.

Reinvent yourself...

Whether it’s a new haircut, new glasses or a trendy pair of shoes, kids can use the summer holidays to experiment, heading back to school with a whole new look.

Get bored...

Between the demands of school and gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, children can find themselves constantly engaged and stimulated. However, when kids get bored, wonderful things can happen, they can explore new interests, lose themselves in a craft activity or find new and creative ways to entertain themselves.

Get fit...

A recent survey by Fit For Sport of 10,000 children aged five to eleven showed that a whopping 67% were unable to reach set targets for activities such as running and jumping. An active lifestyle is incredibly important and there are plenty of ways to get kids moving, whether it is going on a bike ride, playing in the park or playing a team sport. Venues that offer artificial sports surfacing are perfect for children as they offer year­round play and they don’t get muddy!

Get a hobby...

Maybe they have a passion for music or they love playing football, the long summer holiday is the perfect time to spend hours pursuing their interests. Not only will they enjoy what they do but practice makes perfect!

If it is your responsibility to manage and maintain the artificial sports surfacing for your organisation, ensure it is in year-­round playable condition by undergoing a regular maintenance programme. By simply checking the surface on a regular basis, removing litter and debris, not only will the surface look great, but it will also mean that any potential problems, such as small rips or tears can be dealt with early.

Here at Protech Allweather, we offer a range of repair and restoration services along with maintenance packages that can be adapted to suit the usage of your surface. We are able to offer services for a wide range of surfaces including multi game sports surfaces, cricket pitches, tennis courts, athletic tracks, water based pitches and macadam surfaces. For advice on maintaining your artificial sports surface call the Protech Allweather team on, 0116 288 6782.


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