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The versatility of artificial grass knows no bounds. It can be used anywhere, including rooftops, balconies and inner courtyards.

Anywhere where access for maintenance of natural grass is difficult, is ideal for the installation of fake grass.

Living in a flat or apartment shouldn't stop you enjoying the benefits of green grass. It does not need mowing, watering or weeding. So if the space is small, difficult to access, shady or on a roof, then fake grass is the solution. The grass remains green all year round, providing a refreshing view through the winter months. It is aesthetically pleasing.

Appartment living is fashionable and affordable, but with it generally comes the lack of outdoor space. Artificial grass can improve any balcony or roof terrace to provide residents with the feeling of having a mini garden on their doorstep.

Transforming a roof terrace can provide you with an additional space you may never thought could look so good. Dressing the area with containers of seasonal plants can make a welcome addition and provide a peaceful open air space. The rise in popularity of home grown vegetables and fruit can be easily achieved with containers in any small space.

Inner community courtyards are often dull areas that people can sometimes be reluctant to maintain, but with artificial grass, there is no maintenance.

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